Bon Lloc is the first vegetarian restaurant to open in Mallorca. We have been working since 1978 to offer you healthy, balanced food that is respectful with the environment.

Our specialty is no-frills vegetarian food, made with love and sensitivity, giving each dish the time it needs, using fresh ingredients brought daily from the market, many of which are organic. A quality product is the fundamental element in our kitchen.

In our cuisine we decidedly support vegan diets, whose essence lies in making dishes that are full of imagination and taste without using products of animal origin.

Our challenge is to show that veganism is not incompatible with the pleasures of a good meal, which can still be respectful with animal welfare.

We are also passionate about Raw Food, a natural trend that is attracting more and more people.

Our intention is to transmit, through our kitchen and our service, a positive message that is full of enthusiasm for what we do.